What is the location and phone number of the Sheriff`s Office?
What is the location and phone number of the Detention Center?
Is there anywhere in the county to shoot firearms for target practice?
How do I report nuisance problems such as dogs who bark all night?
How do I take out a Civil Process?
How do I send packages to an inmate?
How do I send money to an inmate?
How do I obtain arrest reports for a person?
Can I get a faxed copy of a report?
How do I get a copy of the full incident report?
If I am a victim mentioned in a report, will the Sheriff`s Office give the suspect a copy of the incident report?
When requesting a copy of a report, where do I get the case number?
If I do not have a case number, what information do I need to provide in order to obtain the front page of a report?
Can I get my fingerprints done if I have identification from another state?
Can a minor obtain fingerprints?
If I have a large group that is in need of fingerprinting, can arrangements be made ahead of time to accommodate the group?
Does the Permits Unit accept checks or credit/debit cards?
For how long is Firearms Safety Certificate valid?
Do I get to keep my original Firearms Safety Certificate?
When is it time for me to renew my carry concealed weapon permit? Do I have to provide another Firearms Safety Certificate?
Will the Sheriff`s Office notify my when it is time to renew my CCW permit?
Can someone else pick up my gun permits?
What do I do if I lose my carry concealed weapon permit?
Where can I find a listing of other states that accept the North Carolina Carry Concealed Permit when I am traveling?
Do I have to show my gun to the officer if I am stopped in my vehicle?
Can I be criminally charged for lying on my application.
Once I purchase a weapon, do I have to register the gun with the Sheriff`s Office?
What are the days and times for friends and family visitation at the Detention Center?
How many visits is an inmate allowed?
What items are visitors allowed to bring to a visitation?

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